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Best Mavic MTB Shoes: top 5 Mountain Biking Shoes

Hello mountain bikers: Things have been pretty crazy in the industry lately especially if we're talking about MTB shoes. At times it seemed like hardly a day will go by without somebody launching some new riding footwear. To the point that it could be hard to figure out what's what. But fear not I am here to help you make sense of it all, so if you want to know just how all these new riding shoes stack up against each other don't go anywhere. Here I am going compare best mavic mtb shoes. 

I am going to be focusing mainly on shoes that were launched in the past 1,2 years. Also I am talking mostly about flat pedal shoes.  My goal here today is to briefly present the shoes and let you know how they compare.

Best Mavic MTB Shoes

Best Mavic MTB Shoes

  • Mavic Cosmic BOA
  • Mavic Aksium  II
  • Mavic Crossmax BOA MTB Shoes
  • Mavic XA Elite II
  • Mavic XA Flex

Here I will discuss about these 5 best Mavic MTB shoes. Mavic is reputable brand in mountain biking industry.

1- Mavic Cosmic BOA MTB Shoes

Mavic Cosmic BOA MTB Shoes

 Here at first you are  looking  at the Mavic Cosmic BOA road cycling shoes. With a lightweight construction and breathable upper the Cosmic BOA from Mavic is the stylish comfortable shoe that's ready for the road.

 Cosmic boa has a supple synthetic microfiber upper and an optimal fit and laser-cut holes for ventilation. Inside the shoe is a lightweight quality ortholite insole for comfort.

Mavic adds a premium closure system with a boa l6 dial that's strong and gives you a precise fit.

  These shoes are designed for everyday road riding and performance. The comfortable toe box area provides space for big days in the mountains and a nice look while clipped in. The fiberglass sole for performance and power and accepts three both SPD SL style cleats. 

This shoe is available in multiple sizes and color options at amazon:


2-  Mavic Aksium  II MTB Shoes 

Mavic Aksium  II MTB Shoes

  This is Mavic Aksium II road cycling shoes.  Mavic revamped the AKSIUM 2 in 2019 and brought back a road shoe built for the rider who's just breaking into the sport and for the riders who are doing a grand fondo or endurance ride.

 It's lightweight upper provides ventilation and durability with a full synthetic leather around the shoe. The Aksium 2 is built around comfort with 3 velcro strap closures that's easy to adjust and dial you into the perfect fit along with an ortholite insole for maximum comfort.  Aksium 2 is built on an energy comp outsole that combines fiberglass and nylon which brings you a stiff and rigid sole giving you the ability of maximizing your energy output. 

This shoe accepts three boat SPD SLE style cleats and is available in black and multiple sizes at Amazon.



3- Mavic Crossmax BOA MTB Shoes

Mavic Crossmax BOA MTB Shoes

  Now have the cross max boa mountain bike shoes. Mavic keeps it simple and loud with a cross max boa bringing you the highest tech premium materials and performance to keep you fast when pedaling through the trails. The cross mats upper is made from a supple synthetic leather material with laser-cut holes for ventilation. Keeping your foot cool and dry during rides. A provider with a nice wide toe box to allow you to spread your foot comfortably with added toe protection against roots and rocks.

 The premium L6 boa system allows you to create your foot and dial you into a perfect comfortable fit with the option to micro adjust on the fly. The cross max boa has an energy grip Tara also with contr grip that gives you superior traction on a variable terrain and comfort during hiker bikes.

 This shoe accepts to bow SPD style cleats and is available in multiple sizes at Amazon.



4- Mavic XA Elite II MTB Shoes

Mavic XA Elite II MTB Shoes

 Here on 4th position we're taking a look at the Mavic XA elite II  Mountain bike shoe. This is the ultimate shoe for your next row ride or adventure with performance and comfort on and off the bike. It has a lightweight upper that provides ventilation for keeping your feet cool during rides and the thermal bonded construction for durability and reducing the weight all the while giving you a shoe with a nice clean profile.

 Mavic concludes the drawstring and velcro strap closure that's easy to adjust and keeps your foot snug and the molded toe cap for better protection. Inside the shoe is the ergo fit ortholite insole for riding comfort and walking. The concert sole treads offer great traction on wet and rugged terrain.

  This shoe accepts to both SPD style cleats and is available in multiple sizes at Amazon.



5- Mavic XA Flex MTB Shoes


Mavic XA Flex MTB Shoes

  Here we have the Mavic XA Flex mountain bike shoe. For all you mountain bikers and adventure cyclists who is looking for a shoe that you don't have to clip into but look no further. The XA flex may just be what you're looking for.

 It packs a full synthetic leather upper with a sneaker-like fit that's great for flat pedal riders and off-the-bike activities. With its stylish appearance not only will you be able to blend into the trail but also at casual outings. The XA flex has mesh in the toe box area and on both sides of the shoe giving your feet maximum breathability and the quick lace and hook and loop strap makes it easier for you to cinch and dial into your fit for a comfortable ride. On the sole of the shoe you'll find a thick contact rubber that offers tons of grip on the pedals, trail and pavement along with thick rubber lugs that help shed dirt on challenging terrain. 

The Mavic xa flex is available in multiple sizes on the Amazon.

Thanks for reading our blog. We will keep updating this list of Mavic MTB shoes so you are welcome here for next time.


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