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Best Mavic MTB Shoes: top 5 Mountain Biking Shoes

H ello mountain bikers: Things have been pretty crazy in the industry lately especially if we're talking about MTB shoes. At times it seemed like hardly a day will go by without somebody launching some new riding footwear. To the point that it could be hard to figure out what's what. But fear not I am here to help you make sense of it all, so if you want to know just how all these new riding shoes stack up against each other don't go anywhere. Here I am going compare best mavic mtb shoes.  I am going to be focusing mainly on shoes that were launched in the past 1,2 years. Also I am talking mostly about flat pedal shoes.  My goal here today is to briefly present the shoes and let you know how they compare. Best Mavic MTB Shoes Mavic Cosmic BOA Mavic Aksium  II Mavic Crossmax BOA MTB Shoes Mavic XA Elite II Mavic XA Flex   Here I will discuss about these 5 best Mavic MTB shoes. Mavic is reputable brand in mountain biking industry. 1- Mavic Cosmic BOA MTB Shoes  Here at first